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If you have booked one of our meeting and conference packages, alongside the provision of the conference room with the seating of your choice, you will receive our standard conference technology:

  • 1 projection screen
  • 1 video projector, optionally with VGA or HDMI cable
  • 1 flipchart with 25 sheets of paper and 4 pens
  • 2 pin boards, covered on both sides


We can also provide further equipment:

(Costs per item per day)

Pin board, covered on both sides

Flipchart with 25 sheets of paper and 4 pens

Video projector, optionally with VGA or HDMI cable

If further additional technology is required, we would be happy to contact our external technology service providers for you!

HDMI video camera

State-of-the-art audio system from “Itec”

(Speaker’s lectern with stand microphone, 2 external audio boxes with CD and USB port, 2 hand microphones, 2 headsets)
€475.00 (price for individual module on request)

42° preview monitor (HDMI ready)

Laptop boxes

Presentation trolley

TV set with television and DVD player

2-way or 4-way HDMI splitter

USB presentation mouse

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