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This ayurvedic partial massage with its grips, circles and strokes on feet, calves and knees is very calming, and helps with sleep disorders, stress and anxiety. It brings you back down to earth, and let’s you get your feet back on the ground. A wonderful treat combined with a fragrant milk and honey foot bath


Wellness time: 45 minutes / €62

“Mukabhyanga and Shiroabhyanga”

The indulgent ayurvedic facial and head massage for a radiant appearance and meaningful relaxation. The renewal of the skin cells is accelerated, and your facial features relax. By touching the main nerve pathways on the face and heat, you achieve deep relaxation and prevent headaches

Wellness time: 60 minutes / €75

(Kopie 3)

“Kundalini back massage”

Kundalini massage is a stimulating massage technique, where the Kundalini energy resting in our pelvis, awakens and rises up from the coccyx. Tensions and blockages loosen, energy flows and stretches across the whole body. Perfect for back tension and chronic tiredness.

Wellness time: 45 minutes / €62

full body massage

Cleanse and detoxify your body with the power of Ayurvedic healing, and conjure radiant freshness into your face. Silky soft skin with the Garshan full body glove exfoliation. Detoxifying, deeply relaxing Abhyanga full body massage with ayurvedic herb oil. Heavenly Mukabhyanga luxury facial treatment. Moisturising rice oil and lotus hand mask and rice oil and coconut foot mask


Wellness time 60 minutes / €90

Wellness time 90 minutes / €115

“Temple dreams"

You start your wellness experience with a dreamy foot bath, before you are invited to dream with a Garshan exfoliation on back and legs. Then enjoy a Padabhyanga foot / leg massage, a Kundalini back massage with ayurvedic herb oil, and a moisturising rice oil and lotus hand mask with massage.

Wellness time 120 minutes / €140

(Kopie 4)


Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 07:00 pm

We are happy to take bookings for treatments, exclusively for our hotel guests (according to availability). Simply contact reception or call us.

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